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  • AMAZON Workers #YouAreNotAlone

    Amazon Workers, You Are Not Alone

    They are some of the hardest working people out there, at one of the most demanding companies in the world. They sacrifice so much of their time, health and wellbeing so that their employer can turn a profit.

    President Laporte’s Statement on Lytton

    In a ministerial order, Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra has ordered on Friday that Canadian National (CN) and Canadian Pacific (CP) trains to cease operations for 48 hours in areas of British Columbia hit by a recent spate of wildfires, including one that wiped out an entire town and killed two people, the transport ministry said in a statement.
    From left to right, Stan Hennessy, Fran?ois Laporte and Craig McInnes.

    Laporte, Hennessy, and McInnes to Serve Five More Years

    Laporte, McInnes, and Hennessy will serve Teamster members for another five-year mandate, ending in 2027.

    You can make your workplace safer gain job security and improve your wages.

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    Our history

    For more than a century, the Teamsters Union has defended workers’ rights and helped improve their quality of life. Our success is a testament to those who came before us, who stood together to form a union and a labour movement.


    Supporting members beyond the workplace is also part of our ongoing mission. Through these scholarships we help shape the leaders of tomorrow.

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    Local unions are the heart of our organization. They are the hub where union members work together to improve overall living and working conditions.

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    Being a Teamster is about more than grievances and collective agreements. It’s also about helping those in need, supporting communities and building up a better country.

    nadian Pension Plan

    To improve your retirement income and to make every one of your hard-earned dollars count – the TCPP is the pension plan that works.

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